Resistant Starches – What They Are and Their Health Benefits


Resistant starches are a different kind of fiber, which can be either soluble or insoluble. It’s worthwhile to know about resistant starches because of the many benefits they provide to our bodies.

These starches can improve gut health, provide an increase in healthy bacteria, and can help prevent many chronic diseases. This last point encompasses many important degenerative diseases involving insulin.

Resistant starches can have a positive effect on your body’s ability to process insulin, which in turn can help treat many of these diseases. Finally, resistant starches can even help you to lose weight, by helping your body’s appetite go down. You feel fuller between meals when you have enough fiber in your diet.


  • Starch is a complicated compound that can be difficult for the body to digest.
  • It is important to understand the four different variations of undigestible starches to avoid unhealthy action.
  • Understanding superfoods can help you find the important compounds that will help the body.

“studies … show that resistant starch may have several effective health benefits”

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