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Green Bananas – 14 Incredible Health Benefits

Green bananas, commonly known as unripe bananas, are a wonderful addition to a healthy, nutritional and balanced diet.

Although if eaten raw, green bananas have a very bitter taste, if they are steam, boiled or fried, they will not taste so bitter.

Including green bananas in your diet will provide as many as 14 known health benefits including weight loss, improved nutrient absorption, a good source for vitamins and minerals that improve bone strength, provides antioxidants, can stop diarrhea, makes you feel fuller (satiety), is gluten free, can reduce stress levels, and increase insulin sensitivity while lowering glucose levels. The green bananas also are a rich source of potassium, which is known to lower blood pressure, and the amount of tannins present in these bananas allow them to improve better overall organ functions, being beneficial to brain function and making your skin look healthier.

Green bananas are rich in starch contents, roughly half of which are resistant starches. Resistant starches are insoluble fibers that resist digestion by small intestinal microbiota but get fermented by colonic microbiota.

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