The Brain-Gut Connection: Better Health for You and Your Child


Our brain-gut connection is a very important realization. Estimated 1 in 10 children are diagnosed with ADHD every year, and other conditions percentages such as Autism 1 in 45, sensory processing disorders or difficulties with feeding one in 6.

More than 50 percent of children have one chronic disease. This is staggering for children and adults. Today with all of the process foods, diets are effecting our populations and cause deficiencies in our guts, which in turn effect our brain.

It is essential that the brain-gut connection be recognized, and changes in proper nutrition and supplements can help lower these numbers. The rule of thumb should be if you cannot pick it, grow it, or kill it . . . It is not real food.

Cut out the gut irritating foods, including grains, cow’s milk/dairy, sugar, and processed foods. The gut is often called the “gateway to health.” Our digestive system is solely responsible for providing our body and cells with nutrition, filtering toxic exposures and pathogens, and producing important cells such as immune cells and brain neurotransmitters.

Matthew lived off cheese quesadillas, Goldfish snack crackers, orange juice, Cheerios, chicken nuggets, and Mac & Cheese.

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