Prebiotics improve sleep


You’ve likely heard about the benefits of probiotics, the good bacteria found in foods that have been fermented, as well as certain supplements.

However, a new study by the University of Colorado has found that prebiotics, dietary fibers, that feed the good bacteria in your gut, can help you sleep better and more effectively fight stress.

Prebiotics are commonly found in certain vegetables. What makes prebiotics so special is that they can drastically improve your overall health. A recent study was started to assess the effects of a prebiotic diet on rats, comparing their results to rats not on this diet.

The study that was completed involved feeding a diet rich in prebiotic foods, in order to assess how their bodies reacted. The rats on this diet spent more time in a restful state of sleep than those not on the prebiotic diet.

In addition, the rats in this experiment were put in stressful situations. The results showed that those on a prebiotic diet were able to be in REM sleep for longer than the ones on a non-prebiotic diet. This study doesn’t definitively prove that prebiotics are the cure to a good night’s sleep but the findings are promising.

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