Is it time to ditch your soap?


Some people have decided that taking a bath or shower with soap is no longer necessary.

Two people interviewed haven’t washed with soap for years and they are no worse off for it. They don’t have any problems with odor and haven’t experienced any strange or adverse conditions as a result.

In fact they say their skin is as smooth and healthy as ever. A doctor, from Tasmania, was interviewed on the subject and concurred that using soap for anything other than your hands is not really that important.

She says ridding your body of natural oils can actually be problematic. She also mentions the environmental implications that using so much soap daily can have. She suggests that if you want to use soap in areas of high bacterial growth such as the armpits, its okay. Otherwise she would like to see the world headed for a more soap free future.

While she says hand washing with soap is vital to prevent the spread of illness, using soap on the rest of our body has less merit.

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