Health Benefits of Black Seed Oil


Various studies have already reported the health benefits of black seed oil and they all have but one thing to say – black seed oil plays a great role in giving remedy to some of the best-known diseases. If you want to know more about the health benefits of black seed oil, continue reading this article and you will surely be blown away.

Getting to Know Black Seed Oil

Black seed oil, also known as Black Cumin and Black Coriander Oil, originates from a plant called Nigella Sativa. This plant is found in Asia and belongs to the buttercup family. Black seeds were first used in Egypt during ancient times, under the rule of King Tut. Cleopatra used the black seed oil to add vibrancy to her skin and hair. On the other hand, Hippocrates used the oil whenever he had digestive problems. Because of the many studies demonstrating the health benefits of black seed oil, researchers are continually exploring the possible effectiveness of the oil in providing treatment for autoimmune disorders.

Black seed oil contains several active compounds. However, the most commonly studied compounds are thymoquinone and crystalline nigellone. The other active compounds present in black seed oil are palmitic acid, palmitoleic acid, myristic acid, calcium, phosphorus, arachidonic acid, and a lot more.

Black seed oil’s health benefits are countless. Below are just some of its known health benefits.

  1. Cancer treatment

In an evaluation test conducted by Croatian scientists on thymoquinone’s antitumor performance in mice, they found out that these phytocheinicals present in black seed oil led to a 52% reduction in cancer cells. Black seed oil treats cancers using various mechanisms, including anti-metastasis, cell cycle arrest, anti-proliferation, and anti-angiogenesis. To cure skin cancers, black seed oil may be applied topically.

In other separate studies conducted by Saudi Arabian and Chinese researchers in 2011, they reconfirmed the effectiveness of black seed oil in treating cancer. They noted the existence of oil centuries ago. The compound thymoquinone is also effective in combatting diseases, including asthma, diabetes, kidney disease, and a lot more. It is also a potent remedy for lung cancer, breast cancer, kidneys, prostate, liver, skin, and cervix.

Mainly, the black seed oil generates apoptosis – this simply implies that it aids the body to eradicate unneeded cells, old cells, as well as unhealthy cells in the absence of releasing toxins. Moreover, the black seed oil regulates the Akt pathway – this means it is responsible for managing the process of cell survival for cancer cells and normal cells.

  1. Liver treatment

We all know by now that one of the most vital body organs is the liver. The majority of the body toxins are processed in the liver. In addition, the bile corning from the liver is responsible for digesting fats as well as keeping the body and mind healthy and happy. But for individuals who constantly take medications or antibiotics, they are likely to run the risk of having reduced liver functioning. This is where the role of black seed oil comes in The oil provides protection to the liver against damage.

  1. Immune health

Nigella Sativa has a distinct way of providing support to the body’s immune system. it contains cancer prevention agents, helpful acids as well as b-vitamins that protects the immune system; however, it acts uniquely in contrast to herbs like Echinacea or elderberry that require alert for those with immune system sickness. Black seed oil appears to adjust the immune system by enhancing its functions and disempowering insusceptible responses against the healthy tissues in the body.

Black seed oil has been utilized as a substitute for HIV conventions for quite a long time and it is frequently suggested on different immune system illness gatherings

  1. Weight loss

Are you looking for ways to lose weight but found no effective method? The time has come for you to have hope. Black seed oil has the ability to help in losing weight. It contains phytochemicals that are made up of anti-obesity properties. Despite the fact that Nigella Sativa is not generally accepted to treat obesity, black seed oil is an effective anti-inflammatory agent that aids people in weight reduction. It also has the same benefits for diabetics. In particular, it diminishes weight-pick up triggers by controlling hunger, adjusting blood glucose levels, freeing the different forms of toxins by supporting the liver, and adjusting triglycerides. One review says that, notwithstanding different herbs, black seed oil appeared to have satisfactory effects on obesity.

  1. Hair and skin beautification

Black seed oil is likewise utilized topically in a few societies to normally mollify, reinforce and firm skin and help enhance hair development. A few reviews even recommend that it might be an extremely valuable cure against scars and to avert formation of scars on wounds. Black seed oil is likewise utilized for skin issues like dermatitis and psoriasis. It calms irritation and enhances the speed and aids in skin recuperation. Black seed oil was likewise appeared to be useful in the treatment of candida and parasitic contaminations in the stomach related disorder and on the skin.

  1. Fights off cells that trigger leukemia

Malaysian scientists noted in a recent report that there is a developing interest for the utilization of compounds from conventional medications which have anti-cancer properties. Nigella sativa stood out amongst the most broadly examined plants. The compound Thymoquinone is one dynamic fixing secluded from Nigella sativa. The counter growth impact of thymoquinone, through the acceptance of apoptosis coming about because of mitochondrial brokenness, was surveyed in an intense leukemia cell line. Analysts found that treatment of leukemia cells with thymoquinone empowered apoptosis bringing about cell death. These outcomes show that thymoquinone from black seeds could be a promising remedy for the treatment of leukemia.


The health benefits of black seed oil are wide-ranging. All information provided here are just some of the uses of black seed oil. Mainly, black seed oil is used in the treatment of a number of known diseases, such as cancer, liver disease, and leukemia. It is also utilized by many individuals for beautification purposes.